About us

Lovely Glam is a small luxury jewelry business, based in Colorado, that specializes in creating unique and sustainable luxury jewelry collections.
We take the time to search, handpick, and invest in all of our pieces to redesing into lasting jewels last trends in mind.
We are committed to sustainable fashion by source ítems and shopping secondhand. Our pieces may come from pre-owned clothing, wallets, bag charms, accessories, etc. By trading preowned jewelry, you are helping to reduce waste from over consumption while also saving tons of money.
Each component is thoughtfully crafted with exceptional attention to detail, ensuring that every piece is unique. Due to the limited availability of some components used, many of our designs are exclusive and cannot be guaranteed to be restocked.
Authenticity: All of our pieces are verified authentic. Our pieces are re-worked/repurposed that have been ethically soureed and legally purchased
Disclaimer: Lovely Glam is not affiliated and/or connected with any of the designer Brand companies and associated designers. All brands, logos, and images are a registered trademark of their own respective owners. For more information, please check our Terms 
Please contact info@lovelyglam.com with any inquiries. 
Thank you for supporting our small business!